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Die The Foundation «Fondazione per la Rinascita di Chiesso / Cés» (FRC)
The supporting Association «Comunità di Cés» (CdC)
The Circle «Friends of Cés»
The Association Associazione Arcobaleno

The «Fondazione per la Rinascita di Chiesso» (Foundation for the Rebirth of Chiesso, FRC)

The FRC Foundation has existed since August 1972 and has two purposes:

  • (a) To preserve the mountain of Ces (Chiesso), in Chironico, in its traditional characteristics, and
  • (b) to revive the agglomeration of Ces, in particular by promoting community life experiences.

The FRC foundation is non-profit-making and of public benefit.

The Foundation Board is composed of 3 to 9 members and is elected every two years by the Association Comunità di Ces(CdC) which is the founder.

Like all foundations, the FRC Foundation is supervised by a public body, in our case by the Ostschweizer BVG- und Stiftungsaufsicht, Filiale Muralto (Registernummer 702611).
The annual audit is carried out by the Studio fiduciario ATTEST audit & consulting SA (Udo Schiller), Lugano.

The FRC Foundation is registered under the number CH-506.7.000.398-9 in the Commercial Register of the Canton of Ticino. An excerpt from the register can be found here (PDF, status 10.05.2024).

All donations to the FRC Foundation can be deducted from taxes in all cantons of Switzerland. A certificate from the Canton of Ticino can be found here (PDF).

The statutes of the FRC Foundation can be found here (PDF, in italiano).

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The supporting association «Comunità di Cés» (CdC)

The association CdC is is the founder of the Foundation FRC (FRC) and elects the FRC Foundation Board every two years and supports the practical progress of the project.

To date [december 2019] the association CdC has 43 members. All the members of the association are active members because they can only join if they know the reality of the project of the mountain. Some have worked as volunteers, others founded the project more than forty years ago.

The members of the association meet once a year at the assembly, usually in late July - early August. A person interested in becoming a member of the association must announce their interest in writing up to 14 days before the annual meeting.

The committee of the association CdC is responsible for the annual management of the activities on the mountain: research and training of personnel for the summer (Management Group), opening of the houses and preparation of the gardens in May, organization of the annual meeting in July, wood weekend and closing of the houses in late September - early October, drafting of the annual report and sending to members and friends.

The statutes of the Association CdC can be found here (PDF, deutsch).

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The circle "Friends of Ces" «Amici ed Amiche di Cés»

There are more than 500 people interested in the Ces project who receive information on paper 1-2 times a year, by "land mail", namely the Annual Report / Jahresberichte).

If you are interested in receiving this information on paper, please send an e-mail to web_at_cesnet.ch.

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The Association «Arcobaleno, Cés»

"Arcobaleno" ist responsible for the small shop in the village, the Negozio da mont. It supports the activities of the Foundation FRC.

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Mail-Contact: web_at_cesnet.ch

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