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Participate and visit

There are various possibilities to get to know the Ces project and to participate in its development:

The season lasts from mid-May to October/November. During the winter, usually none of us is in Ces, the houses are closed and you cannot visit the project nor participate.

–> General information about a stay in Ces.

Please do not forget, in any case, to notify us before visiting us, to check if we are available to welcome you and let you know about the project. Contact via web_at_cesnet.ch.

Assume responsibility in the Management Group (Betriebsgruppe)

For the 2023 season (mid-May to October/November), we are looking for a group of 2 to 4 people who love contact with people and who know how to take responsibility and organise themselves. Language skills (D, F, and E) are an advantage. We would prefer an existing team.

From May to October/November, we take care of the guests of the rented houses, the shop, the cultivation of the gardens, making wood and producing herbal teas and jams, administrative work. After an interview, there was also renovation work on the buildings and agricultural work.

We offer board, lodging and CHF 1000.- per month.


Temporary help for a few days or weeks

In addition to the management group (Betriebsgruppe), we are also available for requests for a shorter period (usually without remuneration), always from mid-May to October/November. The activities are in the following areas:

  • Work in the organic gardens
  • agricultural and landscape maintenance work
  • construction work
  • firewood processing
  • accompaniment of guests.

Since we use very few machines, some jobs are physically demanding. Working times are sometimes irregular and depend on weather conditions. We normally work eight hours a day. We expect our employees and guests to participate in our daily household chores. If you work half time (e.g. only in the morning or only in the afternoon), you usually pay CHF 15 per day for your meals.

We regularly organise joint activities, especially in the field of construction (repairs, reconstruction of houses) and in the field of landscape and nature conservation (e.g. conservation of the Varenc swamp or in Lempence, usually in September/October).

–> See the section "Agenda and appointments" in the current chapter Ces of our website (Aktuell –> Agenda / Termine, in german).

Please do not forget, in any case, to clarify if it is a good time for participation and collaboration! Contact via web_at_cesnet.ch or with the contact form.

–> General information about a stay in Ces.


Visit the Ces project

In principle, we are very pleased with all the visits and the exchange of thoughts and ideas. However, there are a few important points to respect:

  • Visitors usually pay a contribution of CHF 15 per person and day for food and CHF 15 for accommodation. Exceptions are possible, especially in the case of temporary help for a few days or weeks, see the section Temporary help above.
  • Do not forget to clarify whether this is a good time for a visit! Contact via web_at_cesnet.ch or the contact form.
  • The season lasts from mid-May to October/November. During the winter, usually none of us is in Ces, the houses are closed and you cannot visit the project nor participate

–> General information about a stay in Ces.

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Other support, background support

In addition to the on-site activities, there are always backstage support jobs (usually unpaid), especially administrative and technical jobs - even in the winter season.

–> If you are interested: Send us an e-mail to web_at_cesnet.ch.


General information about a stay in Ces

Employees usually sleep in one of our homes. In dormitories with two to ten mattresses, the private atmosphere is somewhat lacking.
Even though we have installed our own small hydroelectric power station, we have decided not to connect all the houses to it: we simply live, cook on wood-burning stoves and discuss or play in the light of candles. The food comes partly from our own vegetable gardens and partly from external suppliers. We value organically produced food and eat very little meat.

Employees usually pay a contribution of CHF 15 per person and day for food, but nothing for overnight stays. Exceptions are possible. If you come for the holidays, there is an additional surcharge of CHF 15 per day for the overnight stay. Exceptions are possible.
As our financial resources are limited, we cannot normally reimburse you for travel or other expenses.
The Foundation does not provide insurance cover for accidents or illnesses. For longer stays, we recommend that you register for REGA air rescue.

As we live at 1450 m above sea level, even in summer, nights can be quite cold. A warm pullover and a good sleeping bag are ideal. We also recommend that you bring good mountain shoes and a pocket lamp.
We have a certain supply of rain boots, but a few waterproof coats.
(We strongly advise against bringing dogs and other animals.)

The language of the region is Italian, but most of the members of the management group usually speak Swiss-German. Because of our international contacts, English is often spoken in Ces and you can hear French, Dutch or Spanish.

Period to get to know each other
If you intend to plan a long stay, we will agree on a "period to get to know each other" of one to two weeks. After that we will decide together if a common future comes into consideration.

Additinal information:


Mail-Contact: web_at_cesnet.ch

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