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Renting a house in Ces

In the summer season, from mid-May to September/October, we rent three houses:

Informations about the surroundings (playing, gaming, excursions, etc.)

General informations about renting a house in Ces

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Agenda regarding the availability of the houses (opens in a new browser window).

Flyer zum Projekt (in german, PDF)

The house Veridirum

The VERIDIRUM is a house in beams and dry stonewalls, several centuries old. Originally, it was inhabited by four families. In 1976 the Foundation for the Rebirth of Chiesso / Ces was able to buy it. Since then we have progressively restored it. For this reason, we have had the support of the WWF. In the restoration we have been careful to preserve the traditional style. For example, the house is still covered by a roof made of pines.

Today VERIDIRUM is a spacious house with six rooms, suitable for groups of up to 25 people. The house was intentionally equipped according to the concept of simple living: the lack of electricity, central heating and hot running water gives the guests a concrete experience of a different way of life.

Our house is particularly suitable for school classes with pupils aged 10 and over, for dance and music seminars, for children's camps and for meetings of organisations and committees. It is especially suitable for the good season (May to September/October).

Usually, groups follow their own programme. On request, however, we can contribute to the creation of a program of activities. For example, we present courses in relation to the reality of Ces. On request, it is also possible for groups to collaborate in agricultural activities or restoration of Ces.

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The price is CHF 15 per night for adults (minimum), CHF 7.50 for children under 14 years (minimum), for the whole house at least CHF 150, maximum CHF 300 per night.

See the occupation calendar of the house VERIDIRUM.

You can find further information in our Flyer Veridirum (in german, PDF).

For all information and requests, please send an e-Mail to web_at_cesnet.ch


The house Ti an Dour

In 1974 it was possible to buy an old building in ruins, located on the south side of Ces, on which was built the current home TI AN DOUR. The aims of the Foundation require the maintenance of the building style typical of the region. Therefore, the new roof of TI AN DOUR has been covered with the traditional "piode". In Breton, the name "Ti an Dour" means "House of water".

Today TI AN DOUR is a cosy holiday home for a group of up to seven people. There is a particular mixture of modern and tradition. On the one hand, the solar panels installed on the south wall or the hydroelectric power station of the Foundation provide electricity for lighting but on the other hand, the use of central heating or hot running water is not enough to allow you to experience a different way of life.

The TI AN DOUR is suitable for families or small groups and is equipped especially for the period from May to September/October.

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The price is CHF 18 per night for adults (minimum), CHF 9 for children under 14 years (minimum), for the whole house at least CHF 80 per night. Only one night CHF 120 mimimum, only two nights 100 minimum per night.

See the occupation calendar of the house TI AN DOUR.

You can find further information in our Flyer Ti an Dour (in german, PDF).

For all information and requests, please send an e-Mail to web_at_cesnet.ch


Appartment MariAllegra

The MARIALLEGRA consists of two rooms in the northern part of the house MaoMao, more than 300 years old: A bedroom with a double bed and an additional bed, and a livingroom-kitchen with a (wood-)stove and (cold) water. It is suitable for shorter or longer stays for studying or for relaxing.

–> Photos will follow soon.

The price per night is CHF 30.- (incl. linen), plus min CHF 22 per adult and night, for children up to 14 years min. CHF 11 per person and night.

See the occupation calendar of MARIALLEGRA.

You can find further information in our Flyer MariAllegra (in german, PDF).

For all information and requests, please send an e-Mail to web_at_cesnet.ch


The surroundings of Ces: A life experience!

The location of Ces on a beautiful plateau in a very natural landscape invites you to experience a different life from that to which you are accustomed to on the "valley floor". Thus, it is possible to organize, especially for school classes, thematic fields, for example on ecological issues, on the history and current problems of mountain farming, on the history and culture of the Leventina, etc... On these issues we can present, on request, our contributions.

Short excursions to the adjacent mountains of Olina, Doro, Cala, and Gribbio are possible. In the rich biodiversity of the region, you can discover rare alpine flowers, natural biotopes, traces of animals and ancient human presence. Ces is particularly suitable for considering and discussing significant issues from the naturalistic or historical-cultural point of view.

Beim Herumstreifen in der abwechslungsreichen Landschaft entdeckt man seltene Alpenblumen, natürliche Biotope, Spuren von Tieren wie auch von früheren Lebensformen. Überhaupt eignet sich Ces sehr gut zur Anschauung und Diskussion von natur- und kulturhistorischen Besonderheiten.

On request, it is possible to collaborate in the agricultural activity of the Foundation as well as in restoration work.

Thanks to its isolation, Ces offers on the one hand peace and quiet and rest away from traffic noise and on the other a creative field for intensive weeks of work, dance or play. During the day, you can explore the environment, laze around, bathe or play, and in the evening, by candlelight, it creates an atmosphere conducive to long discussions.

–>See also the chapter Where we are (how to get there).


General information about renting

Ces can only be reached on foot, in 1 to 2 hours. See the chapter Where we are.

For the goods you can use a cable car (Montecarica). The valley station is located about 2.5 km from Chironico on the asphalt road towards the "monte di Gribbio" (at the Oratorio "Madonna delle neve"). A trip costs CHF 35 and must in any case be notified in advance by telephone.

You can buy food at our mountain shop Negozio da mont. We offer mainly regional organic products.

At a height of 1450 m above sea level, it can also be cold in summer.

Dogs and other animals allowed only with special permission.

Insurance is the responsibility of the tenants.

We do not rent our houses during the winter season, i.e. from November to April.

–> Towards the calendar of occupancy of the houses (new window).

For all information and requests, please send an e-Mail to web_at_cesnet.ch


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