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Contribute to the Ces project

There are several possibilities to support the project of the Foundation for the Rebirth of Chiesso / Ces:

Flyer zum Projekt (in german, PDF)

Financial contributions

For the management of the project we need financial donations. If you pay a contribution, you will receive our Annual Report / Jahresbericht and other information 1-2 times a year by "land mail".

Our link: Postal account no. 65-2518-6
IBAN CH05 0900 0000 6500 2518 6 (POFICHBEXXX)

Your contributions to the FRC Foundation can be deducted from taxes, see the tax certificate of the Canton of Ticino (Bestätigung des Kantons Tessin (PDF).

For investments in buildings and infrastructure, we also need long-term loans, which may be compensated with interest. Contact by e-mail: web_at_cesnet.ch.

Material contributions

We appreciate donations of material. Unfortunately, our storage capacities are limited. So please contact us first, by e-mail: web_at_cesnet.ch

Working together in an active way

During the season (mid-May to September/October), we appreciate the hands and heads that help the development of the project. -> See the web pages in participate and visit section.

Please note that we usually cannot pay you a financial contribution. However, for people who help all day long, we offer board and lodging.

Promote Ces

Advertising is a very valuable contribution to our project, both in the circle of friends and in the media.

Buying Ces products

We offer a range of products made in Ces, such as jams, syrups, herbal teas, etc... As well as products that come "from outside" and that we sell on the spot to support the project, such as t-shirts, postcards or the brochure "Cappelloni, Balabiott, and Neorurali" (in italian) or "Spielwiese und Heuland. Die ersten 25 Jahre des Alternativprojektes Ces" (in german, both 1997, 100 pp.)
–> see Products and offers.

Mail-Contact: web_at_cesnet.ch

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